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What is biohacking?

The idea of prolonging human life becomes one of the main tasks of scientists. Doctors, physicians, and biologists join forces into a single scientific concept of life extension with the help of innovative technologies in the field of biology and genetic engineering.

Biohacking is based on conducting experiments using living organisms and biotechnologies, the use of drugs and additives to optimize the parameters of the functioning of the body, changing lifestyle.

In the price of effective methods with minimal expenditure of time, energy and money.

The main directions of the approach:

  • Nutrition. (refusal of sugar, consumption of large amounts of salt, food with a high content of glycation end products).
  • Sleep (improvement of quality and sufficient duration).
  • Training, general physical activity.
  • Meditation, work with the emotional state, psychotherapy, harmonization of relations with other people.
  • Eco-friendly interaction with nature.

Technological aspects include:

  • Use of electronic devices to monitor and evaluate biometric information.
  • The use of homemade implants that enhance the abilities of the human body (for example, magnetic implants or NFC chips).
  • DNA sequestration and the study of genetic predispositions.

Biohacking requires a systematic change in the approach to life, body, and mind. However, modern advances in science and technology make this easier than ever.