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The information is not a substitute for professional advice from a specialist.

Why you need a psychologist

Why you need a psychologist

Contrary to the opinion that a psychologist in the life of an ordinary person is not necessary, visits to a specialist can affect professional growth and overall quality of life.


How not to go crazy with the news

The Internet and television are overwhelmed in an effort to outdo each other in the level of toxicity. Heavy information for the psyche begins to be transmitted from mouth-to-mouth, people begin to pump not only themselves, but also loved ones.

Healthy nutrition

What is biohacking?

The idea of extending human life is becoming one of the main objectives of scientists. Doctors, physicians, and biologists are combining their efforts into a single scientific concept of life extension using innovative technologies in the field of biology and genetic engineering.

Fragile Person

How to stop bullying

The desire of teenagers to join groups and create communities is understandable, but often psychologists cannot understand the reason for animosity between one person and the group that constantly bullies him.