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When to go to a psychologist: 10 warning signs

Psychology to this day is perceived by a part of society as a strange and incomprehensible phenomenon. The initiative to go to a psychologist is perceived by others as a sign of weakness, morbidity and problems with the head. Such a stereotype is formed due to people’s lack of understanding of what a psychologist does and what he “treats”. In order to build a complete picture, it is useful to know the symptoms in which it is desirable to see a professional.

Disturbing symptoms

When a person has pain in the body, there are two options on the horizon. In the first option, a decision is made to do nothing and wait until it “goes away by itself”. The second option is chosen by those who take responsibility for life and health. Such people go to the doctor. And if no serious cause for concern is found, the person’s conscience is at ease. After all, in his picture of the world, such an act is the only right one.

The same mechanism works with a psychologist. If you have a feeling that working with a psychologist can help, it is worth a try. It is possible that this decision will seriously change your life. Here are examples of “telltale signs” in which the decision to see a specialist will be justified.

1. Constant sadness

This does not mean that you are depressed. But a chronic feeling of sadness is a sign of dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs in your life. A psychologist can help you deal with this.

2. Unexplained outbursts of aggression

Feelings of hatred toward a random passerby who pushed you? Inexplicable irritation at a baby crying too loudly? The desire to smash the laptop screen because the work does not work? Run to a psychologist! Anger is a signal that there are too many negative feelings inside.

3. indifference to everything (apathy)

But the opposite shore of anger also promises little positive. In the reasons for the lack of interest in what used to please, more effective to understand together with a professional.

4. Deteriorated relationships with others

If at home quarrels arise unreasonably often, and colleagues are always trying to throw sarcasm at you, the reason may be in your unconscious message to others. A psychologist can help you find and work through the root of the problem.

5. Difficulties in networking

This point is similar to the previous one. The only difference is that here the person is probably lonely (while the hero of the point above only risks being alone). Such a person needs not only professional help, but also banal support.

6. Lack of goals and desires

When there is nothing to strive for, life loses its colors. Lack of understanding of goals and the inability to set them can lead to the fact that a person lives at least part of his life “on automatic”. Finding motivation Being fixated on the past.

7. A fixation on the past

The previous paragraph speaks of the future. But sometimes we don’t want to let go of the past either. Intrusive memories, long-standing resentments, regrets… While we are in it, life passes us by. It must be corrected.

8. Anxiety over small things

A classic for a good portion of today’s society. But not the norm. Anxiety is designed by nature as a way to prevent us from getting into dangerous situations. When it becomes chronic, we destroy ourselves.

9. Unreasonable physical discomfort

It happens that a person has something sick and went to the doctor. He underwent the necessary examinations, took tests. As a result, he is absolutely healthy! But the symptom does not go away. And then a competent doctor will refer the patient to a psychologist. The psyche and the body are inextricably linked. And if medicine could not help you, then you are straight to a psychologist.

10. Unexplained psychological discomfort

Feel like something is wrong but can’t figure out what it is? You don’t have to figure it out. You’ll understand in the chair with a specialist. Probably, your psyche is giving you signals that you just can’t identify. Don’t ignore them.

Bottom line

A one-time visit to a psychologist does not oblige you to do anything. Especially nowadays, when you can get counseling online. If you find yourself in one of the items on the list, then do not hesitate. It will definitely not get worse, but the chance to improve the quality of life is very great.

Vsevolod Efimov