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Biohacker nutrition, what to eat to improve health

Biohacking is from the word “hacking”, hacking the body. “Hacking” can be used on any system, and our body is no exception. The goal is to improve the quality of life at minimal cost. We are talking about a systematic approach to the human body, a unique method, the adherence to which prolongs life and improves its quality.

Biohackers in their modern form appeared not so long ago, the movement has no unified ideology. Each person decides for himself how he will approach a long happy life, beauty and ideally immortality. Someone bet on sports and dietary supplements, others refuse meat, others meditate and adjust their diets. As you can see, one of the main points for all is nutrition. Auxiliary tools can be anything, but a biohacker should reconsider the menu necessarily.

How to upgrade your diet

For a biohacker, diet is not only a component of a healthy lifestyle, but also a way to maintain health, get rid of chronic diseases, improve health and brain function, and reduce the biological age.

Recommendations for beginners:

  • A personalized approach to a new way of life is paramount.
  • To have a preliminary examination, to determine the health risks, diseases – is a must.
  • Getting a set of tests, doing genetic tests is a huge plus.

Preparation is very important because a person with obesity, weight deficiency, ulcers, lactose intolerance, enzyme deficiency needs completely different foods and nutritional principles. The biohacker’s diet solves the problems of his body specifically. Sometimes it happens that the initially selected diet is not effective enough – in this case, a correction will be required.

Where to start

If you really want to join the slender ranks of biohackers, just to pay attention to your health, but do not know where to start, adjust your diet according to the following rules. Eliminate all food junk – fried food, flour, sauces, sodas, chips, candy, convenience foods and other products that have nothing useful in them. Organic and plant foods should form the basis of your diet.

With meat do at your discretion – some refuse it, other people switch mainly to fish, some leave everything as it was. We remind you that there are no strict rules – focus on yourself, how you feel, your body’s needs.

Important points:

  • Eliminate sugar and limit salt intake. They can lead to cardiovascular disease, obesity, and noticeably worsen the condition of your skin. It can be “breaking” at first, but in time you’ll get used to it and appreciate life without the two “white deaths”.
  • Give up industrially processed foods. It contains many harmful additives that negatively affect your health. Do you want meat? Bake it yourself, but don’t buy sausage.
  • Say no to alcohol. Alcoholic beverages cause the development of various diseases, worsen sleep.
  • Periodically fasting in the absence of medical contraindications. Temporary refusal of food will prolong youthfulness and increase vigor and energy level. It is not necessary not to eat for days, you can start with interval fasting (for 8 hours a day in a row you eat, for the other 16 you drink only water).

Healthy lifestyle or biohacking?

For the uninitiated, there is no difference between these areas, but it does exist. The goal of a healthy lifestyle is to prevent disease and promote health in general. Biohackers have more global goals, such as prolonging life, increasing brain performance, etc. Diet alone is not enough for this, but a lot depends on it as well.

The information is not a substitute for professional medical advice.

Ksenia Filipenko